Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness is an extremely cost effective way of working with a personal trainer and achieving all of your health and fitness goals in a bespoke gym environment.

  • Intimate class groups in a 45 minute session ensures our trainers are able to positively effect your session and guarantee safety and quality control.
  • Sessions can be purchased using a credit system with no commitment or monthly contracts.
  • All sessions must be booked online using our user friendly online booking system which is also available as an app.
  • Each class is one credit and is flexible around your time and day.

To buy your credits now please click the links below:

4 x Credits = £80
(each session £20.00)

8 x Credits    = £140
(each sesssion £17.50)

16 x Credits  = £240
(each session £15.00)

Group Session- Hurricane

Group Session- Hurricane

Group Session- Lower body

Group Session- Upper Body

Group Session- Upper Body

Group Session- MighteeBox

Group Session- MighteeFit Box


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