As a former Pro-football player I had the opportunity to travel to to Germany, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador and I have lived in each of these countries for 8 months or more experiencing and absorbing their cultures. Now in London, where I have settled, I am a personal trainer and a licensed football coach where I also play at semi-professional level. Looking after my nutrition and body made me dig deep inside the fitness world from an early age. But evolution never stops, and the boundaries of our body are not limited, so the research will never end.


Level 2 Fitness instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 anatomy and physiology, Undertaken Level 3 GP referral.

Areas of Speciality:

I believe there is no one fix rule or recipe for fitness, every body is different and there is a variety of methodologies to explore and play within in order to create the right program for each individual, that is my best skill, understanding the client needs and mindset in order to design the most suitable plan to create consistency while we get results.


Variety is fundamental but simplicity is king.

Training philosophy:

The Body is interconnected and we should train it as a whole, movements and functional approach as a main work, isolation as a complementary tools.

Sales Pitch: 

I take really serious your trust and investment on my work, I do not take it  for guaranteed and I will go the extra mile to make you succeed apart from having a great time at every session.  I will need your commitment and friendship to work together and get the best results but you will engage quickly as every session is not the same despite we follow the program that is made for you, there are tools to make every day a different experience in the gym.  On top of that I compromise myself to keep developing my knowledge to your benefit.


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